“Thank you, Dr. Sulaman Anwar for the great experience and quality work you have done on my teeth.I unfortunately developed severe gum disease on one of my lower left molars and needed periodontal surgery. I was very apprehensive about the overall surgery … the irrational fear of being left with a wonky or holey smile! But it was no sweat at all!My gum disease has healed, my smile is not wonky or holey, and the bone regrowth work you did has been amazing. My general dental health has improved immeasurably due to the effort you took to ensure I understand what should be done to teeth and mouth to prevent future health risks.I found him to be very professional and truly caring about my oral health. And his personable service during and after the surgery has been beyond, to the effect that there is no question on whether I would recommend Dr. Anwar to family and friends.”

Diane M.

“I literally can never thank Sulaman enough, my first visit to him back in 2015 for a routine check-up I mentioned I had been having a metallic odd taste in my mouth and wondered if I may have a leaking filling - he checked me thoroughly and said teeth all fine but suggested a blood test via GP would be advisable - the blood test showed dangerously high calcium levels and resulted in a parathyroidectomy - if I hadn’t been advised to have a blood test chances are I would not be typing this email... I have dodgy or had dodgy gums but thanks to Sulaman and a deep clean my gums are now pretty good - teeth are only as good as your gums so gum care is very important. So absolutely no hesitation in recommending the caring, kind, positive outlook and treating, Sulaman who makes the horrors of the dental chair easy and even dare I say it, enjoyable...?!”

F. Hillman

“I’ve suffered from gum problems for many years, they were constantly swollen and bleeding – most dentists I visited would dismiss it, perform a scale and polish but never tackle the root causes. I am so glad to have found Sulaman, as he really took my case to heart, and in his care – with a methodical approach over a year - we managed to completely turn it around. Even performing ‘scary’ surgeries was great, as his expertise really gave me peace of mind, both in terms of results and pain management (whatever little pain there was). My gums and teeth have never felt better, and I now have the confidence to look after them the right way.”

M. Sanna

"I have relied on Sulaman for the last two years for periodontal surgery and advice and guidance on caring for my gums. He has always clearly explained both the proposed treatment and has taken away any fears or concerns that I may have had. Following Sulaman's advice and treatment I now feel much more confident that my teeth and gums will stay healthy with my own daily maintenance. He is always reassuring and highly professional in his work with me and I would highly recommend his services to my family and friends"

W. Curtis

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